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Development of automated system of passage payment monitoring in Minsk metro (ASPPM)

Introduction of ASPPM into commercial operation increases the efficiency of the metro due to increasing of volume and revenue from passenger transportation, automation of the processes of diagnosis and current machine load on all stations, as well as production processes and circulation of ticket products.

ASPPM typical composition:

  1. Input (AKP) and output (PKA) (automated monitoring stations) turnstiles, provide passing of the passengers at the entrance upon presenting of ticket products (token, non-contact smart card (NSC) of two types).
  2. ARM PC (primary coding) provides the primary coding of NSC Minsk metro forms.
  3. ARMI (initialization) ensures the activation of NSC after the initial coding and issuance of the ticket to the passenger at NSC, given the current range of tickets and fares, checking and adding trips, maintaining database and reports on the transformation of the tickets at NSC. ARMI have been installed in all cashiers's desks of the metro.
  4. ARMS (station) manages all station turnstiles, keeps the event registers on the passage of passengers, the handling of tickets of all types, statistics of work of ASPPM station equipment, information exchange with top level ASPPM equipment.
  5. Automatic SP is the automatic control of service passes (included in utmost ACP) provides a count of the number of allowed passes without a ticket, the cabin attendant in the lobby and the transfer of this information to the ARMS.
  6. ASPPM auxiliary equipment: the devices of recording and reading of NSC, indicators of the passenger as part of ARMI, stands of the control of electronic modules, AKP and ACP, automat of NSC encoding.

Besides the specified technical tools, developed by OJSC «NIIEVM», there is also a large range of server hardware and software for the middle and upper levels as part of Minsk metro, as well as structured fiber-optic network equipment, created the Minsk metro.

OJSC "NIIEVM" works after the ASPPM project with the Minsk metro since 1992. Throughout the years, 5 generations of ASPPM devices including more than 600 turnstiles, more than 17 types of other hardware and software, which by their functional performance and reliability, types of media, bandwidth is always consistent with international standards and world tendencies of development have been designed, manufactured and commissioned.

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