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Development and production of special-purpose computers

Against the background of increasing the use of PC almost in all areas of human activity there were formed areas that reflect different specific user needs.

Among these areas PC is used:

  • Under the influence of specific climatic effects (high and low temperatures, high humidity, salt fog, etc.);
  • Under the influence of high physical impact (bumps, vibration, rolling – depends on the type of transportation);
  • Under external electromagnetic actions (EMI);
  • While ensuring information safety requirements  (access guarding, limitation of side electromagnetic radiation of PC that stores information);
  • While working in networks.

OJSC “NIIEVM” has been developing, manufacturing, supplying, implementing and supporting PCs and LANs in use for more than 20 years.

More than 20 models of special protected PC and about 10 types of special networks and systems that based on them have been developed. More than 500 pieces of products of these types were delivered and successfully introduced to customers in more than 35 organizations.

For example:

  • Protected PC ВМ2408, intended to information processing when working autonomously, when working in computer systems and LANs.
  • series of the PC BM2417 of special purpose for installation on mobile objects;
  • a range of protected PCs of special purpose  ВМ2015.М2 (М3), ВМ2307.М1 for work in extreme conditions.

The full list of products is presented in the section “Specialized computer equipment”.

There was created a highly professional team that possesses experience of development, manufacturing, implementing and supporting PCs, networks and special-purpose systems.

There was created testing facility on external actions as well as on safety of information.

The research peculiarities of OJSC “NIIEVM” special-purpose products are:

  • decades of experience in this sphere, comprehension of specific problems and ability to solve them;
  • fully completion with the customer requirements;
  • improvement of the product liability;
  • reliable quality guarantees;
  • reasonable prices.

OJSC “NIIEVM” is ready to develop, manufacture and supply the customer almost any kind of special purpose PC and LAN.

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