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Development and manufacturing of access control systems (ACS)

The access control system with turnstiles three-horn type (Tripod) is the cheapest and most common type of ACS, control access to enterprise and accounting of staff time, as well as the pass through the entrance of unauthorized persons. The tripod is perfect for placing in confined space. Elegant appearance allows to fit it into any interior. Every turnstile in ACS turnstile line has its own electronic control module  and can be operated in stand-alone mode with the manual control of standby remote, as well as remote network mode controlled by PC.

Hardware and software system of ACS provides passage control through the group of turnstiles, passage registration into the PC passage register, which can be integrated into SAS of the enterprise. Doors with electronic locks can also be used as part of ACS system. It is possible to supply more simple versions of ACS, right down to single turnstiles with the control from duty man’s button.

Different types of passes can be used at ACS, depending on the Customer’s choice:

  • pass based on Touch Memory device;
  • pass based on different types of NSC;
  • pass based on magnetic card stripe.

ACS with the fingerprints and other biometric characteristics scanning can also be supplied.

All types of passes can be produced by ACS supplier. Set of pass manufacturing equipment and software can be supplied as a component of the ACS equipment on the Customer's option.

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