Laptop – VM2015.M1

Laptop – VM2015.M1

VM2015.M1 laptop is a full-featured personal ECM with liquid crystal screen of 17 inches. The PECM is intended for use in data processing systems, including visual data, where it is required to provide fetch protection for PECM data and resources, and prevention of data leakage due to side electromagnetic radiation and interference (TEMPEST). Structurally the laptop is a security article, the case of which is made of aluminum alloy.

This design allows to operate the product in severe conditions: outdoors, indoors, in the bodies on wheeled and tracked chassis, on railway transport, on both stationary and mobile objects of coastal and sea basing.

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Calculating machine

Display LCD
Embedded devices
Weight 9 kg (7 kg without battery)
Size 444 × 336 × 86 mm

Protective means from unauthorized access provide
External operating conditions

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