Modules of MVTU75G, MVTU75G.01 lownoise high-frequency transistor amplifiers are designed to replace worn out and outdated UV-75G traveling wave tubes in “Osa” ADMS, “Kub” ADMS, MR-123.

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The module has a built-in protection device to protect against synchronous and nonsynchronous pulse jamming, operating in the restraint mode from both the trigger pulse or “BLANK” pulse, as well as in the self-restraint mode. The module has a built-in device of time-corrected gain (TCG) for interference suppression from reflecting local objects.

Application of MVTU75G, MVTU75G.01 provides:

  • performance restoration and extension of life
  • cycle of receiving devices;
  • increase in service life of the receive path;
  • energy usage reduction;
  • simplification of product operation;
  • reduction of operating costs.
The module has good maintainability without deterioration of electrical parameters and low repair cost as opposed to traveling wave tubes.

Scope of supply

  • Module of MVTU75G low-noise high-frequency transistor amplifier
  • Data sheet
  • Power cable

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