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Automated initialization workstation (ARMI)

The automated workstation for initialization of travel tickets (ARMI) is intended for use as part of the automated system for controlling the fare of the Minsk metro and is focused on the production, sale and accounting of travel documents based on contactless smart cards, as well as the generation of necessary reports on sold travel documents.

ARMI package includes:

  • industrial computer PC FRONT Compact with preinstalled Microsoft Windows 10 x64 operating system and special software "KKPP Software ARMI";
  • PC power supply 24V/5A;
  • 19" Dell P1917S cashier monitor;
  • kit (keyboard + mouse) Logitech MK120;
  • POS terminal VEGA3000 Countertop Lite with a built-in thermal printer for printing receipts and pre-installed special software “KKPP POS terminal software. ARMI Component ";
  • set of mounting parts;
  • passenger monitor 10" DBS-10FF;
  • monitor power supply 12V/2.6A;
  • manual. 
Note: It is allowed to replace the listed components with similar ones if they are specified in the supply agreement.

  • Intel H110 motherboard (Skylake PCH-H);
  • processor type - Intel Core i5 7500T;
  • RAM, GB - 8;
  • video adapter Intel HD Graphics 630 (Kaby Lake-S GT2);
  • data storage device CIS 2S M305 256GB;
  • two network cards: Intel Ethernet Connection I219 LM, Intel I211AT Copper (Pearsonville) Network Adapter.

The architecture of the PC ARMI and unified interfaces make it possible to increase its computing power and functionality by connecting additional technical means.

ARMI software operates under Microsoft Windows 10 x64 operating system.

ARMI operating conditions:
  • ambient temperature from 10°С to 35°С;
  • relative humidity from 20% at an air temperature of 25 ° C (no condensation).

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