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The card resource control device (UKRK)

The card resource control device (UKRK) is designed to enable passengers to control the remaining resource of travel tickets on contactless smart cards.

  • reading data of travel tickets for BSK issued by the state-owned enterprises "Minsk Metro" and "Minsktrans";
  • display on the built-in display of the residual resource of the active fare for the metro - the remainder of trips or fare units, the remainder of the validity of the ticket;
  • connection to the multifunctional transport controller MTK 12 via the CAN interface for entering work keys and updating the software of the contactless smart card reader;
  • connection to the workstation of the station via the Ethernet interface for configuration and diagnostics;
  • self-diagnostics and display of information about the results on the display of the device.
  • power supply of UKRK is carried out from an external source of constant voltage 24.0 ± 2.4 V;
  • power consumption - no more than 10 W;
  • dimensions (width x height x depth) - 200 x 265 x 40 mm;
  • weight - no more than 1.2 kg.
  • ambient temperature from 0°С to 40°С;
  • relative humidity up to 90% at an air temperature of 25°С.

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