Battery charger BME567

The product is intended for charging and monitoring the state of the batteries connected to it. The product can charge no more than two BME101 rechargeable batteries at the same time.
  • The maximum number of simultaneously charged batteries - 2 pcs.;
  • DC power supply voltage - 18-36 V;
  • Maximum (total) battery charging current - 4 A;
  • Power consumption - no more than 175 W;
  • Overall dimensions - 340x249x141 mm.;
  • Weight - no more than 5.9 kg.
Appearance of indication and control bodies: 
1 - control buttons "BAT1" and "BAT2"
2 - battery status indicators
3 - battery charge level indicators

  Description of battery status indication:
Indicator state Description
Green - off
Red - blinking
Battery missing or defective
Green - blinking
Red - blinking
The battery is connected and charging
Green - blinking
Red - off
Battery connected and charged
Green - enabled
Red - blinking
The battery is connected and not charging
Green - on
Red - on
Product malfunction

Purpose of controls

Buttons "BAT1" and "BAT2":
  • a short press turns off the battery charging to remove it. Charging resumes after removing the battery or pressing again;
  • pressing for more than 5 seconds leads to reinitialization of the controller of the corresponding battery in order to remove it from the emergency state.
Purpose of battery charge level indicators:
  • indication of disconnected battery charging (blinking of all indicator divisions);
  • when battery charging is on, the indicator shows the battery charge level.

Each indicator has ten bars (3 bars in red, 4 bars in yellow, 3 bars in green). One division corresponds to 10% of the battery charge level of its nominal capacity.

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