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Access control systems (ACS) based on "Tripod" turnstiles


Access control system SKD is designed for:
  • ensuring automatic control and management of access to the territory of the enterprise with special passes in accordance with the established access rights;
  • accounting for the time spent by an employee on the territory of the enterprise;
  • security;
  • control over labor discipline at the enterprise.

ACS functionality

  • ACS allows, when reading a pass, to automatically allow passage through the turnstile in the selected direction and to register each passage in the database.
  • ACS provides the ability to form and edit the database of employees, transfer, view and print the results of the work of the checkpoint.
  • ACS provides accounting of the working time of employees at the enterprise.
  • The throughput of one ACS turnstile is at least 25 people per minute.

ACS includes:

  • turnstile installed at the checkpoint of the enterprise;
  • turnstile control panel installed in the controller's cabin at the checkpoint;
  • turnstile power circuit breaker;
  • PC installed in the checkpoint controller's cab for controlling the turnstile, storing and displaying a database of passes and events;
  • RS232, RS485 interface conversion device connected to each PC;
  • control reader connected to a PC and used in the formation of a database of passes;
  • harnesses and cables for connecting components to each other;
  • passes based on a contactless smart card for company employees;
  • metal barriers and wickets with mechanical fixation.

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