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Entrance turnstiles AKP-2014


AKP-2014 is designed to ensure the passage of passengers at the Minsk metro station when the turnstile handles metro ticket products:
  • plastic reinforced tokens;
  • еuniform travel tickets based on contactless smart cards of the MIFARE Plus standard with a memory structure adopted for the automated payment and control system for municipal transport in Minsk;
  • travel tickets based on the MIFARE Classic standard, which are issued by the State Enterprise "Minsk Metro";
  • SMS - tickets on passengers' mobile phones. 

Performs the following functions:nbsp;

  • provides permission for passengers to pass in the forward direction (entrance to the metro station) upon successful completion of the fare control operation, prohibition of passage if the payment control operation is not completed or the control result is negative;
  • provides a prohibition on the passage of passengers in the opposite direction;
  • provides free passage of passengers in both directions in the absence of power supply;
  • exchanges information from the workstation via the Ethernet interface to ensure information interaction with other passenger automation devices of the station, including counting and transferring the total number of passenger passes through the automatic transmission to workstations;
  • provides autonomous work when disconnected from the workstation;
  • carries out self-diagnostics with the issuance of a failure code;
  • provides the ability to connect technological equipment for testing, diagnostics with indication of failure codes and replacement of controller software;
  • displays information for the passenger about permission or prohibition of passage, the expiration date of the ticket or the number of remaining trips;
  • indicates to the staff the number of collected tokens (the number of passes through the tokens);
  • provides interaction via an external CAN interface with the lobby terminal.

Power supply of the AKP-2014 is carried out from a single-phase AC network with a voltage of 220 V, a frequency of 50 Hz, power consumption in the open state is no more than 50 W, at the time of closing the shutters - 100 W.

The carrying capacity is no more than 2500 passengers per hour.
The capacity of the hopper for tokens is no more than 5000 pcs.
Overall dimensions: 1193 x 210 x 920 mm.
AKP-2014 weight - no more than 100kg.

AKP-2014 is designed to work under the influence of the following climatic factors:

  • ambient air temperature from minus 5 to plus 40 ºС;
  • atmospheric pressure from 630 to 800 mm Hg (from 84 to 107 kPa);
  • relative humidity from 40 to 95% at a temperature of 30 ºС.

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