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Galvanizing and anodizing of steel and aluminum components

Electroplated coatings are used and necessary to change the chemical, physical, and operational properties of parts materials, for example, to reduce metal losses and protect products from corrosion. Electroplated coatings are obtained by the deposition of a metal layer from electrolytes containing ions of a given metal on the surface of parts using a current. The layer thickness is regulated by changing the process duration and current density. We offer white or colored cold galvanizing for iron, tin-bismuth coating for copper-containing metals, electrically conductive anox and chimox on aluminum alloys. Electroplated coatings are among the best in mechanical properties, cleanliness, corrosion resistance and economy. Electroplated coatings can be used not only to protect parts from corrosion, but also to give their surface a number of valuable special qualities: increased surface hardness, wear resistance, improved antifriction properties, high reflectivity, etc.

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