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Mechanical processing of materials

The main objective of the pilot production is the manufacture of prototypes of products, models, units and parts of computers and other technical means developed and produced by OJSC “NIIEVM” and third-party customers.      

The pilot plant is equipped with versatile modern equipment and technological processes that allow for all types of mechanical processing of materials, welding of metals in a protective gas, applying galvanic and polymer coatings, as well as performing other types of work.

 The pilot production includes the following areas:

  • procurement;
  • locksmith;
  • mechanical;
  • stamping;
  • galvanic;
  • paint;
  • mounting.

Description of work performed during the machining of materials:

  • turning; 
  • milling; 
  • flat and circular grinding;
  • jig boring works; 
  • fitting and assembly work; 
  • electric welding work in a shielding gas environment (steel, stainless steel, aluminum);
  • threading up to M 1.6 mm
  • small batch molding of rubber parts; 
  • procurement work with a band saw and guillotine shears/

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