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Testing of technical means for resistance to mechanical stress

Testing laboratory accredited by the State Standard of the Republic of Belarus for testing computer equipment, cash registers and special computer systems, electronic and electrical products according to the following requirements: 

  • destination indicators;

  • resistance to external influences (climatic and mechanical);

  • design parameters;

  • reliability indicators;

  • safety;

  • shell protection. 

The laboratory carries out degassing of devices and devices, having testing equipment made in Japan and Germany. The laboratory has many years of experience in carrying out the above works, cooperates with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, BNTU, organizations and enterprises of the military-industrial complex of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation. The laboratory also offers a wide range of measured parameters of thermal conditions, indicators of electrical and mechanical safety. The tests are carried out efficiently, professionally and in the shortest possible time at the best prices!

Testing of technical means for resistance to climatic influences:

  • increased temperature up to +300 ºС;

  • low temperature down to -75 ºС;

  • relative humidity up to 100%;

  • low atmospheric pressure to 133 Pa;

  • salt fog: dispersion of salt fog 1-10 microns, water content of salt fog 2-3 g/m3 (V = 450 l).

Volume of climatic chambers up to 8 m3.

Testing of technical means for resistance to mechanical stress:

  • vibration: sinusoidal vibration in the range of 5-5000 Hz;

  • acceleration up to 5 g;

  • displacement amplitude up to 2 mm at a frequency of up to 25 Hz;

  • load up to 400 kg;

  • shock loads: acceleration up to 150 g;

  • duration from 3 to 10 ms;

  • the frequency of blows is 40-120 beats/min.

For more information, please visit  bmk@niievm.by.

+375-17-334-68-87, 334-67-02, 334-67-96 

Fax: +375-17-334-47-42

Accreditation certificate № BY/112 2. 0053 dated 19.09.1994

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