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Mission and policy


We create products in the field of information technologies and defense products that guarantee the consumer benefits from the acquisition due to high quality and reliable impeccable provision of services.

We guarantee individual approach to each customer and the creation of products with the characteristics right up your alley!

We will help you to achieve your goals!

Policy of OJSC «NIIEVM» in the area of quality control and labour safety

Policy in the area of quality and labour safety covers all the areas of activity of OJSC NIEVM and tailored to the context and strategic targets of the organization. The policy is aimed at the creating of products to meet the customers requirements. The basic concept of policy of OJSC «NIIEVM» in the area of quality and labour protection is the life cycle of products, namely: research – development – manufacturing – sale – warranty service – out-of-warranty service.

To implement this concept the following objectives have been defined:

– development of competitive products, its use in production and adaptation among the consumers;

– high scientific and technical level of manufactured equipment, taking into account the needs of the market provided by using components, materials and advanced technologies;

– continuous improvement of customer’s satisfaction and the volume of product supply;

– rational use of energy resources, decreasing costs of raw materials;

– the operational requirements traceability of the consumers in development of prospective equipment and compliance with legislative and other mandatory requirements;

– constant improvement of the quality system of OJSC «NIIEVM» on the basis of international standards;

– providing the employees and organizations with safety and comfortable labour conditions, that meets regulatory requirements.

To achieve these goals, the management of OJSC NIIEVM intends to provide:

– continuous increase of the scientific component in the implementation of the basic concept of the product life cycle;

– deeper connection with the consumers for determining the actual operating characteristics of the developed product and requirements traceability of the consumers in the design of new equipment;

– the implementation of measures that reduce costs of raw materials, rational use of energy resources;

– operational elimination of identified design and manufacturing defects by carrying out the author's support of the developed products during its development in the production and implementation at consumers;

– continuous training of all specialists and workers of OJSC «NIIEVM», the implementation of the personnel policy aimed at ensuring the quality and reliability of developed and manufactured products;

– continuous improvement in the area of management of labour safety and labour organization in the workplace in accordance with the requirements of legislative and technical and normative legal acts in the area of labour safety.

Managers at all levels of the organization, the chief designers of the projects are personally responsible for the implementation of Policy of JSC "NIIEVM" in the area of quality and safety and create all conditions for developing and manufacturing quality product corresponding to modern requirements, that allows to be competitive, marketable and economically viable. Senior management is responsible for the performance of the integrated management system.